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Skyrocketing revenues from online-only coaching, community building unleashed: TWID boosts the personal training business to a whole new level.


FitFarm is a web-based fitness coaching program founded by Finnish fitness guru Jutta Gustafsberg. It offers a full range portfolio: diet and exercise plans, workout videos, motivational and peer support for the fitness routines designed by the FitFarm coaches and personal trainers.

Gustafsberg started using the TWID online community in summer 2011 to increase her fan base from scratch to be the most active online fan community in the Finnish fitness industry.

Ever since, the customer growth of the company has exceeded all expectations and drawn profits unheard-of. At the moment, FitFarm has already over 100 000 registered members.


"My business operates only and entirely online. I created the fitness and diet programs, the system generates and maximizes the sales for me. Before, I invested time in coaching people face-to-face. Today, my member communities grow automatically online."

- Jutta Gustafsberg, founder and self-made fitness guru
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Generating leads effectively: TWID gives your business the competitive advantage

The Club Company

The Club Company is a unique golf and health club concept combining the traditional golf with superb cutting-edge fitness facilities in a family-friendly country club venue. The Club Company currently owns and operates ten country clubs in England (or Europe).

After launching TWID, The Club Company generated about 550 new sales leads in just one week – quite dazzling considering the premium nature of the clubs, and their price point in the health club market. The club uses TWID to coordinate online actions and increase lead generation.

"TWID definitely gives us a competitive edge. It helped us maximize our lead generation rapidly!"

— Jess Moore, Group Sales Manager
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